Shadowdancers 063

  • Caption: 2 hours later
  • Ilias: Is there anything else you want to know?
  • Viviana: No, that’s enough for now. Thanks. Korahan will tell you more about the portals.
  • Viviana: Having Saretro Jr. on our side will make everything a little easier…
  • Gradus: You may think it’s worth the risk, but it’s not.
  • Viviana: We’ve waited long enough. Now it’s all or nothing.
  • Gradus: Not even Grimbald Greenwing could break out of the prison, and you’re not a better thief than he was.
  • Viviana: With the right plan, it’s just a mission like any other.
  • Gradus: It’s not! One can’t plan for everything!
  • Viviana: I can.
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