Shadowdancers 064

  • Gradus: Then please explain to me why your “perfect” plan to steal the Avaril failed.
  • Viviana: You try to come up with a brilliant plan in two hours. The window alarm was broken and half of the guards were sick. I had to take a chance!
  • Gradus: Not even the Avaril is worth your freedom!
  • Viviana: It is! Only the bearer of the Avaril can claim the throne of Ileasaar! Without it, the rest of the crown jewels are worthless. When the Avaril is back in Greendew and Delvor rots in prison for his crimes, the people of Ileasaar will rise!
  • Gradus: Let’s hope you’re right. Supposing that everything goes the way you imagine, who shall then rule over Ileasaar?
  • Viviana: Maybe Salacea Torval. She’d be a worthy queen. But that’s not for me to decide.
  • Gradus: Once Lilith is free, the entire city guard will hunt her down.
  • Viviana: Once she’s opened the casket, what happens to her isn’t our problem.
  • Gradus: You’re awfully sure that she’ll be able to open it… and that she’ll even try.
  • Viviana: Sometimes you have to take a chance.
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