Shadowdancers 068

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  • Janos Baltor: I didn’t think it was possible, but you’ve become even more beautiful since our last meeting!
  • Alissa: Yeah, I s’pose I’ve aged well.
  • Janos Baltor: It’s quite windy today, don’t you think? This is no weather for a young lady. It’s bad for the complexion! I can even feel myself how the wind affects my skin. Shouldn’t we go inside instead?
  • Janos Baltor: I could never forgive myself if you caught a cold, delicate as thou art. Like a virgin moss rose in the morning dew!
  • Alissa: I think I can stand the weather for a while longer. But you might want to go inside yourself, Janos, pale as you are!
  • Janos Baltor: You think? How embarrassing! That must be excitement because of the party. But you know that.
  • Alissa: Party?
  • Janos Baltor: Why, yes. My uncle is celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary the day after tomorrow.
  • Alissa: Ah, now I remember. I completely forgot about it!
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