Shadowdancers 075

  • Viviana: Lilith’s cell is in the high-security wing for wizards and the most dangerous criminals.
  • Viviana: The cell is entirely clad in Lumium and has no window. A double door system prevents access to the cell and to the wizard wing.
  • Viviana: All keys to the wizard wing are magically bound to their owners. They are handed out solely by the central secretariat.
  • Viviana: Behind the prison’s only entrance, there’s a detector developed by Ragnald Solito that detects any magical device.
  • Viviana: Maybe Lilith is allowed to have lunch in this small lunchroom, but I don’t think she’s allowed to leave her cell at all.
  • Viviana: It’s impossible to break into her cell unnoticed, let alone get back out again with her.
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