Shadowdancers 077

  • Viviana: If the map is still up-to-date, then they’ll have to walk through this hallway on their way to the place of execution.
  • Chereck: And?
  • Viviana: The floor is outside the wizard wing! So we might be able to get there somehow.
  • Viviana: Of course, our man will then be taken out by Lilith’s escorts and the guards at the doors.
  • Chereck: Dear Gaia! That looks even worse than I thought!
  • Ilias: That means… you give up?
  • Viviana: We’ll only give up if we still don’t have a plan one hour before Lilith’s execution.
  • Viviana: By the way, how old is this map?
  • Chereck: About 15 years.
  • Viviana: That old!? We must get a newer one!
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