Shadowdancers 078

  • Viviana: Any news?
  • Ilias: Yes.
  • Viviana: Good or bad?
  • Ilias: Good. My best friend Ryn will help us as well.
  • Viviana: Nice. Do you think he could arrange for us to get a better map?
  • Ilias: I don’t know, but that’s not all. Thanks to Sandril, the Academy and several noble families have issued a complaint about the trial. That’ll give us at least another week.
  • Viviana: Now that’s good news!
  • Ilias: Tomorrow is Seramis Baltor’s wedding anniversary. Shall we go?
  • Viviana: For sure! I’ve already worked out a cunning plan.
  • Ilias: What’s that?
  • Viviana: The cunning plan.
  • Ilias: That could actually work. I particularly like the idea with the shoe.
  • Viviana: Let’s visit Alissa. We have to discuss everything in detail.
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