Shadowdancers 079

  • Alissa: Are you sure it’s a good idea to steal the Avaril during the party?
  • Viviana: What’s the alternative?
  • Alissa: For one thing, I could try to talk with Janos. Maybe his uncle would sell the Avaril.
  • Viviana: That’s not a plan, that’s just wishful thinking. Seramis would never sell the holy crystal of Ileasaar. No one in their right mind would.
  • Viviana: It’s better if nobody knows that you’re after the Avaril.
  • Alissa: I’m still not convinced that we should strike during the party. The house will be full of people…
  • Viviana: If everybody does their jobs, it will work out! Besides, there’s still plan C.
  • Alissa: Plan C… let’s not talk about it.
  • Viviana: Unfortunately…
  • Viviana: … that’s exactly what we’ll be doing for the next two hours.
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