Shadowdancers 080

  • Viviana: Are you ready?
  • Ilias: Yes.
  • Alissa: I know it’s for Lilith, but it doesn’t feel right to betray the Baltors this way.
  • Viviana: Those “old friends” of your family stole the Avaril from the people of Ileasaar. They have no right to own it. Let’s go!
  • Alissa: Greetings, Mister Baltor.
  • Seramis Baltor: Ah, Miss Itoriel. I hope you’ll enjoy the party. Would you be so kind as to introduce your companions?
  • Alissa: This is Ilias Oter, a good friend of mine. We went to the Academy together. And this is his fiancée Valeria Santhall.
  • Seramis Baltor: Pleased to meet you.
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