Shadowdancers 081

  • Seramis Baltor: The last few weeks must have been hard for you.
  • Alissa: Yes, everything feels so unreal.
  • Janos Baltor: Weren’t you friends with the traitor?
  • Alissa: She was a… uhm… acquaintance. I still can’t believe that she worked together with the attackers.
  • Seramis Baltor: One simply cannot trust Ileasaari. Instead of being grateful to Cania for their prosperity, they still mourn their cowardly royal family.
  • Janos Baltor: Very true.
  • Ilias: Some people believe the evidence against Lilith was forged.
  • Seramis Baltor: Unlikely. Not even Isaac’s map of Mithra was investigated as thoroughly as her contract with Midgard’s Royal Guard.
  • Alissa: Enough of that. We’re here to celebrate after all.
  • Seramis Baltor: Indeed.
  • Seramis Baltor: Shall I show you the buffet
  • Alissa: Sure!
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