Shadowdancers 084

  • Alissa: Do you remember the picture by S.A. Salvador you liked so much, “A Magical Night”?
  • Seramis Baltor: Yes, a marvelous painting. What about it?
  • Alissa: It was stolen.
  • Seramis Baltor: No!
  • Alissa: Yes. By the Shadowdancers. It’s beyond my understanding how they could deactivate the alarm unnoticed.
  • Seramis Baltor: The Shadowdancers are a menace! They claim to fight for Ileasaar, but in reality they’re nothing but deceitful thieves!
  • Alissa: Indeed. And you never know where they might strike next.
  • Seramis Baltor: “Last year I had to hire two new guards just because of those shady characters!”
  • Alissa: “Do you have some time? Ilias would like to talk with you about something.”
  • Seramis Baltor: “Of course. What’s it about?”
  • Viviana: Here we go!
  • Alissa: “Ilias has heard that you’re planning an expedition to the Glowglades.”
  • Seramis Baltor: “That’s right. Does he want to join us?”
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