Shadowdancers 085

The pages 86, 87 and 88 are already available on since we need to publish 15 pages there this month to qualify for the “premium comic” category.

  • Caption: 15 minutes later
  • Ilias: Weren’t there reports of robbers on the road to Halligan?
  • Seramis Baltor: Yes, that’s why we… blah blah blah
  • Flavius Aelar: !?!
  • Flavius Aelar: No! No! This just won’t do!
  • Flavius Aelar: This muddy green! And the loose cut! You look like one of those scruffy adventurers in this– this dress thing!
  • Alissa: WHAT!!? SAY THAT AGAIN, PAL!!
  • Flavius Aelar: Now, now! I just want to help.
  • Flavius Aelar: May I introduce myself?
  • Alissa: No, you may not.
  • Flavius Aelar: Flavius Aelar, tailor at the court of King Olrik.
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