Reduced update schedule

Unfortunately, I have to announce that we’re going back to a “Tuesday – Friday – Tuesday” update cycle with just three new Gaia pages in two weeks. There are two reasons for this:

  • We need to build a larger buffer of finished comic pages.
  • Our partnership with (Gaia on may turn out to be very profitable for us. Therefore it’s my plan to gradually increase the amount of pages which are available on, but not yet on our main website. We also have to publish 15 pages, which aren’t available on our main website yet, every second month to qualify for the very important “premium comic” category. Note that we will soon reach the point where only subscribers of will be able to read the new Gaia pages posted on Subscribers must pay a small monthly fee of $2.99 to be able to read the later pages of all premium comics on See the FAQ for that.


I thought I was clear, but maybe not clear enough:

  • Gaia will continue to be available for free on this website. But it will update only around 13 times per 2 months.
  • On, Gaia will update at least 15 times every second month. This way, it qualifies as a “premium comic” in that month. But not in the other month with no updates.
  • Since Gaia’ chapters are so long, the subscription threshold on won’t be 8 chapters for Gaia but a certain number of pages. After that, only subscribers will be able to see those pages after the threshold.

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