The Tower In The Sky 009

  • Viviana: Shadowdancers, at long last we have back what Cania’s henchmen took from us!
  • Viviana: This wouldn’t have been possible without Ilias’ and Alissa’s help. They deserve the gratitude of us all!
  • Viviana: But this doesn’t mean the end of our struggle. Because Ileasaar is still not free!
  • Viviana: We mustn’t let Ileasaar get dragged into a war between Cania and Midgard! We mustn’t let our homeland become a battleground!
  • Viviana: A thousand years before Midgard was founded, humans and avariel celebrated midsummer under the Great Tree of Greendew!
  • Viviana: And a thousand years after Aracona has turned to dust, the children of our children will admire the exhibition pieces in Heyselfall’s national museum!
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