The Tower In The Sky 010

  • Viviana: Cania has no right to rule over Ileasaar! The people of Ileasaar are on our side. They’re sick and tired of foreign rule.
  • Viviana: But only after we’ve shown them the true face of Cania’s government, after they’ve seen Delvor’s crimes with their own eyes, they’ll rebel against Olrik’s rule!
  • Viviana: Shadowdancers, the future of Ileasaar is in our hands!
  • Viviana: A decade has passed. A decade of futile attempts to open my parents’ casket.
  • Viviana: But there’s still hope, because I believe there’s a wizard who’s able to break the lock just as I’ve seen in my dreams!
  • Viviana: And I believe that this wizard is — Lilith Caillean from Oakdale!
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