The Tower In The Sky 012

  • Erius Fedoro: It’s quite unusual that a graduate of the Academy is interested in a job in the state prison.
  • Ryn: Well, I’m not interested in becoming a jailor.
  • Erius Fedoro: Of course not.
  • Ryn: But the army’s offer left a lot to be desired, and the city guard chokes on its bureaucracy.
  • Erius Fedoro: I see that you’re someone who’s keen on serving his country. Very good!
  • Erius Fedoro: What kind of job did you had in mind?
  • Ryn: I’ve always been interested in architecture. And even though I may not be a natural, I’ve learned a lot about magic at the Academy.
  • Ryn: So, for a start, I’d like to work on the improvement of the prison’s security system.
  • Erius Fedoro: That sounds good. I will get back to you tomorrow.
  • Ryn: Thank you.
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