New summary for About page

I’m not particularly happy with the summary of the comic’s content on the About page, which is also used on other websites. While the text shouldn’t be too touting, it could do a better job of arousing interest in new readers. It also lays too much emphasis on the first chapter in its current state:

Gaia is a fantasy comic about the odyssey of Ilias Oter and his friends in the self-created world of Gaia. Ilias is a student at the “Academy for Arcane Studies and Material Arts” which is located close to the capital city of Cania. In recent years, tension has grown between Cania and Midgard, the leading nation since the two big wars at the end of the First Age. Ilias, though, is much more interested in his classmate, the beautiful and talented wizard Lilith Caillean, than in politics. There is just something magical about her… At the beginning of the story, Ilias and the other students face the first serious test in their life, the final exams of the Academy.

I tried to rewrite it, but without much success. I’m just not good at writing blurbs. Maybe some of you could make a few suggestions for a better one.

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