The Tower In The Sky 024

Our yearly Gaia fanart contest has started and will run until 22 July 2013! The total prize money for the five winners is $400 this year!

  • Ilias: Please don’t say this cave is really located beneath that farm you sent us to.
  • Viviana: It’s not.
  • Ilias: Where’s it located then?
  • Viviana: Probably beneath Mithra, but we’re not sure.
  • Ilias: You don’t seem to know much about your headquarters.
  • Viviana: Well, I’m sorry that it wasn’t delivered with an operator’s guide.
  • Ilias: Sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude.
  • Viviana: We suspect that the cave was created during the siege of Mithra in the War of Light and Darkness.
  • Ilias: You’ve got to explain that!
  • Viviana: Salacea and Milo Torval, Arty Jannon, Gradus Adamas, and I found the teleportation crystals and potions in the ravaged catacombs of Mithra’s former wizard guild.
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