The Tower In The Sky 026

  • Ilias: Milo and Salacea brought the crystals to Aracona then, right?
  • Viviana: No. Arty, Gradus and I did.
  • Ilias: Greendew Evening Standard – Adventurers Arty & Gradus killed in Mithra
  • Ilias: I thought Arty and Gradus were killed by a shadow creature?
  • Viviana: Let’s just say that…
  • Viviana: … the Greendew Evening Standard isn’t always the most trustworthy source for such news.
  • Ilias: Wow, Gradus Adamas. It’s an honor to meet you.
  • Viviana: After the successful adventure, Salacea and her husband returned to Greendew to lead Ileasaar’s independence movement.
  • Viviana: Arty, Gradus, and I founded the Shadowdancers in Aracona.
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