The Tower In The Sky 027

  • Ilias: You’ve spent all these years in this cave?
  • Gradus: Most of them, yes.
  • Ilias: I’d have gone insane after one.
  • Gradus: Apart from bad weather and pesky guards there’s almost nothing up there which doesn’t exist down here as well. Besides, there’s always so much to do that none of us ever gets bored.
  • Ilias: Where’s Arty now? Is he still alive as well?
  • Gradus: Yes. A few years ago he moved to Heyselfall to work incognito on a completely new kind of protective shield.
  • Ilias: And you, are you Gradus’ daughter or Arty’s?
  • Viviana: I’m neither.
  • Ilias: Whose daughter are you, then?
  • Viviana: I know you well, but not well enough to tell you that.
  • Viviana: It would be great if Lilith could have a look at the door after her rescue.
  • Ilias: I’m sure she’ll be very interested in it.
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