The Tower In The Sky 031

  • Sia: Sia will miss him so much.
  • Sandril: I understand your pain.
  • Sandril: Your father was a great man who bravely opposed the attackers. You must always cherish him!
  • Xis: Xis will do.
  • Sandril: It’s better to die as a hero than to live as a coward. For what will remain of us are our actions!
  • Sandril: Will you stay in Aracona?
  • Sia: Sia won’t be sure. It will depend on the decision of the Grand Assembly.
  • Sandril: The Dragon Council convened a gathering?
  • Sia: Yes. Sia will set out on the journey to Santhilia tomorrow.
  • Sandril: I guess a possible war between Cania and Midgard is a good reason for a gathering.
  • Sia: Sia will hear rumors that a human will speak to us.
  • Sandril: A human, you say? Now that’s odd…
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