The Tower In The Sky 032

  • Merchant: Shall I wrap the makeup as a gift?
  • Palo: Uhh… yes.
  • Merchant: Zachary’s new sweetheart will surely be pleased with the gift.
  • Palo: … For sure.
  • Nahir: What’s next on the list?
  • Palo: “All the Mithril hinges you can find in ‘Bente’s Gears and Controls’.”
  • Nahir: And I thought Saretro Senior was irresponsible with the family’s money…
  • Shady prophet: Tell me, mister, do you believe in Gaia?
  • Palo: What sort of silly question is this? Of course I believe in Gaia!
  • Shady prophet: Oh dear! Yet again I have to meet a confused soul who hasn’t renounced the old faith yet!
  • Palo: What in Bhaal’s name do you mean by “old faith”?
  • Shady prophet: By that I mean all the lies which are spread by these self-proclaimed priests of Gaia. You mustn’t believe a word they say, or Trias will punish you!
  • Nahir: Who’s this Trias guy?
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