The Tower In The Sky 033

  • Shady prophet: Trias is the almighty, the creator of all things, the God of the gods!
  • Nahir: Interesting. How is it that I’ve never heard of this Trias guy before if he claims such an important position in the pantheon?
  • Shady prophet: Because the Temple systematically conceals the truth and spreads its false ideology instead! Every critic is immediately silenced. But since I’ve learned the truth, I’m no longer afraid!
  • Shady prophet: Open your eyes and join the only true religion! For only five Thaler I can give you this pamphlet of our main principles!
  • Palo: Ahh, that’s the way the wind blows.
  • Shady prophet: Forget everything you’ve heard about the history of Gaia! It wasn’t Gaia who created our world, but Trias! Gaia is just a tiny part of his vast creation. And Bhaal is nothing more than an illusion!
  • Shady prophet: Just take the wars of the Second Age. Bhaal’s work, they say. Ignoramuses! It was Trias’ punishment for the mortals’ sinful doings who strived for more than they were entitled to.
  • Palo: Dark heavens! What nonsense!
  • Palo: Spare us your drivel. We’re busy.
  • Shady prophet: Be damned! Trias will punish you for your ignorance!
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