The Tower In The Sky 037

  • Korahan: Isn’t she gorgeous?
  • Ilias: She’s pretty, but “gorgeous”?
  • Korahan: Great. If you’re not interested, there’ll be less competition for me.
  • Teglen: Don’t get your hopes up, young man.
  • Korahan: Maybe you’re right. She’s always together with Chereck lately. There must be something going on between them.
  • Teglen: No way! Chereck’s heart is a block of ice.
  • Teglen: But are you man enough to be a worthy partner to the future queen of Ileasaar?
  • Korahan: Oh, well.
  • Teglen: By the way, the prison map your friend Ryn gave us is terrific.
  • Ilias: “Future queen of Ileasaar”?
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