The Tower In The Sky 038

  • Caption: Six days before the execution.
  • Delvor Garrot: Your Majesty, Midgard ignored the ultimatum to extradite the leaders of the Royal Guard. I need your signature to legitimize the border crossing and start of hostilities near Virgil.
  • Eldor Olenvis: A war between Cania and Midgard is not Cania’s best interest for now.
  • Delvor Garrot: COME AGAIN!?!
  • Eldor Olenvis: There’s no concrete evidence of the involvement of Midgard’s government in the attack.
  • Delvor Garrot: The captured assassins had insider information about the Royal Guard!
  • Eldor Olenvis: And so do we.
  • Delvor Garrot: Who’s supposed to be responsible for the attack, then? Golnar? My mother-in-law?
  • Eldor Olenvis: Recently discovered evidence points to Ileasaar’s resistance movement as the perpetrator of the attack.
  • Delvor Garrot: The rebels don’t have the resources to carry out such an operation.
  • Eldor Olenvis: That’s what you think.
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