The Tower In The Sky 039

  • Delvor Garrot: What kind of evidence has supposedly been found that incriminates the rebels?
  • Eldor Olenvis: I don’t want to burden you with such details before the investigation is completed.
  • Delvor Garrot: You must be kidding!!
  • Eldor Olenvis: Your Majesty, all I ask for is one additional week to carry out further investigations.
  • King Olrik: This sounds reasonable.
  • Eldor Olenvis: Have you heard that the Church of Gaia appointed a new high priestess? A young girl, not even 20 years old.
  • Delvor Garrot: ?
  • Delvor Garrot: What in Bhaal’s name does this have to do with the ultimatum to Midgard?
  • Eldor Olenvis: A whole lot. But you’ve apparently already lost track of the most important world events.
  • Eldor Olenvis: Your Majesty, you shouldn’t make your decisions based on the advice of such ill-informed contemporaries.
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