The Tower In The Sky 041

[Update 1 Oct 2013] I changed Ryn’s explanation to „Octrium-coated steel plates.” to improve the internal consistency. But it’s not important for the story.

Good news, everyone! Gaia will be updated every Tuesday and Friday (instead of the current 2 – 1 – 2 – 1 cycle) from 1 October until at least 31 December.

  • Caption: Three days before the execution.
  • Prison employee #1: A big crate just arrived for you, Mr. Gwalch. From “Itoriel Import/Export”.
  • Ryn: Finally!
  • Ryn: Don’t be startled when the alarm goes off in a moment.
  • Prison employee #2: This box must weigh a ton.
  • Guard: What’s in the crate, Mr. Gwalch?
  • Ryn: Octrium-coated steel plates.
  • Guard: Hmmm…
  • Guard: All right.
  • Prison employee #2: Into your office?
  • Ryn: No, into room AX 1. I want to carry out a few tests.
  • Prison employee #2: As you wish.
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