The Tower In The Sky 044

  • Colette: “To Viviana and the Shadowdancers from Salacea Torval!”
  • Colette: Velo Zach’s appointment as governor of Ileasaar has further increased the resentment among the people.
  • Colette: All the greater was our joy when tidings came of the Avaril being once again in the possession of its rightful owners.
  • Sign: Greendew Evening Standard – Shadowdancers “steal” Avaril
  • Colette: Many who were still reluctant show their support for the resistance openly now. The yellow-black flags of the Old Kingdom hang down all over the city.
  • Colette: Cania’s officers are overwhelmed with the situation after most troops were withdrawn in preparation for the assault on Midgard.
  • Sign: Liberty now!
  • Colette: And yet we all hope that the war can still be averted, because its impact on Ileasaar would be devastating.
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