Working on improvements for the last 5 pages

Some of our most observant readers have pointed out some minor issues in the last five published pages, for example the way Letho is holding the arrow in page 5 and 6. I have also found a few panels where the course of action could be made clearer with a few small alterations. Therefore we will publish an updated version of these pages over the course of the next days. Since our buffer of finished pages is large enough, this won’t have a negative impact on our update schedule on this website.

I find action scenes to be very hard to do right in comics. I just flipped through the very good Bone comic book by Jeff Smith and didn’t have to look long until I found one panel with a fighting move which is physically impossible (page 1156, panel 1) and one panel with a fighting move which is at least questionable (page 1169, panel 2).

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