The Letter Of Jael Bara 011

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  • Viviana: I was thinking about that tower in the sky.
  • Viviana: It was propelled by red and blue magic. How, in Bhaal’s name, is that possible?
  • Gradus: I… don’t know.
  • Gradus: Do you think there’s a portal to the Void behind the secret door?
  • Viviana: I could ride to the Void if I wanted to. There must be something else behind the door.
  • Gradus: Do you think Lilith will be able to open the door?
  • Viviana: Unlikely, but I’ll ask her about it. Maybe she’s heard of that wizard from my vision.
  • Viviana: Enough of that. I still have a job to do today.
  • Gradus: Good luck.
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