The Letter Of Jael Bara 018

  • Delvor Garrot: Miss Caillean’s execution shall be brought forward to 10 o’clock!
  • Erius Fedoro: That can be arranged.
  • Erius Fedoro: Shall I notify Eldor of the shift in the schedule?
  • Delvor Garrot: No! That’s the exact reason for the change! So that he’s not present at it!
  • Delvor Garrot: I don’t trust him. He’s up to something. Maybe he’s even in cahoots with the attackers.
  • Erius Fedoro: These are severe accusations.
  • Delvor Garrot: I put him under observation. There’s something very strange going on. But the details are still unclear.
  • Delvor Garrot: Whatever. First we send the traitor back to Gaia, and then we’ll see.
  • Erius Fedoro: I’ll arrange everything.
  • Delvor Garrot: Do you think you can piss on my parade with impunity, Eldor?!
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