The Letter Of Jael Bara 038

  • Teglen: I’ll remove your handcuffs with a rainbow knife. Hold still.
  • Teglen: We smuggled the magic items into the prison in the crate, covered by a mirage.
  • Lilith: I have just one question that needs an immediate answer: What’s the next step of your plan?
  • Edwyn: You can now cast all sorts of spells again, right?
  • Lilith: Just thinking of magic makes me sick.
  • Edwyn: What, why?!
  • Teglen: She’s spellsick, Edwyn. You get it from not taking a break after a very powerful spell.
  • Edwyn: But you’ll be able to cut holes in the prison and yard wall?!
  • Lilith: I can only try. Cutting holes in solid stone walls is very demanding.
  • Edwyn: But we have only one Rocksplosion crystal!
  • Lilith: I’ll think of something for the yard wall.
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