The Letter Of Jael Bara 039

  • Teglen: Done!
  • Lilith: Hmmm, what could I do…?
  • Edwyn: I’d rather not run around in the yard unprotected and without a plan. Let’s switch to plan D straight away!
  • Lilith: I’ll… hmmm… Yes! I’ll cast a magic stairway! That’s a little easier.
  • Lilith: And I can cast a Sphere of Complete Protection around us!
  • Edwyn: Isn’t that a super complicated spell?
  • Lilith: Not for me. Creating or destroying magic shields has always been my specialty.
  • Edwyn: That’s great to hear!
  • Lilith: But once we’re outside the prison, then what?
  • Teglen: We’ve prepared everything for that. Once we’re outside, it’ll be a walk in the park. You’ll see.
  • Lilith: Always stay close to me!
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