The Letter Of Jael Bara 053

  • Viviana: Your friends promised that you’d help the Shadowdancers in a very important matter.
  • Lilith: But it’s nothing illegal, is it?
  • Viviana: No. You’d be helping to put a brutal murderer behind bars.
  • Lilith: Then I’ll do my very, very best to help you!
  • Lilith: I’m forever in your debt.
  • Viviana: Let’s call it even after you’ve opened the casket.
  • Lilith: The casket?
  • Viviana: Yes. It contains crucial evidence for the murder case. But it’s enchanted. That’s why we can’t open it.
  • Lilith: Destroying protection shields is my specialty!
  • Viviana: I already suspected that when reading that Times article about your trick during the final exams.
  • Viviana: Once you’ve fully recovered, I’ll show you the casket.
  • Ryn: But before that, you’ll prepare us a king-sized portion of waffles!
  • Lilith: Haha, I will!
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