The Letter Of Jael Bara 057

  • Lilith: That… that means Prince Geraldo was wrongly accused of the murder! The moment Prince Orkan was crowned king, Ileasaar was doomed!
  • Lilith: Wait! Xardan Jaze was one of the alleged murderers of Garret and Eileen Bara. That means you are…!!
  • Viviana: Jael Bara, yes.
  • Lilith: Dear Gaia…
  • Lilith: If it’s revealed that Cania’s government was involved in the murder of the royal family and your parents, there will be a revolution!
  • Viviana: The people of Ileasaar have the right to know the truth!
  • Lilith: I don’t disagree. But in the end, will it have been worth all the bloodshed? Who will rule over the Old Kingdom after the Canian troops have been expelled?
  • Viviana: All direct descendants of King Tandras are dead. So in all likelihood the General Assembly wouldn’t object if Salacea Torval claimed the throne for herself. She seems to prefer someone else, though.
  • Lilith: Who?
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