The Letter Of Jael Bara 061

  • Viviana: You can’t explain it at all?
  • Lilith: Hmm, let’s see…
  • Lilith: You have to understand that in the material world, the arrow of time is unidirectional. Things that happen in the future have no impact on the past.
  • Lilith: However, that’s not true for the Bluestream. All spells generate waves that propagate in all directions of time. Very weak with respect to the past, but still noticeable.
  • Lilith: If you insert a key into the spirit lock, it will create magical waves that propagate into the past and provide information about its reaction.
  • Lilith: This allows you to change the key before it’s inserted into the lock. In a way, you react to the effect before the cause has occurred.
  • Viviana: So that’s how you broke the lock?
  • Lilith: No.
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