The Letter Of Jael Bara 062

  • Viviana: … And you’ve just told me all this stuff because…?
  • Lilith: Because I used it in my magic proof.
  • Viviana: Your magic proof?
  • Lilith: In short, you could say that I didn’t open the lock with the correct key, but with a magic proof that I can create such a key.
  • Lilith: But the long version is much more interesting! I’ll show you in a moment!
  • Viviana: That’s really not necessary.
  • Lilith: No, no. It’s a pleasure for me. Do you have a blackboard somewhere?
  • Caption: Later.
  • Lilith: Now, of course, you’re stuck in a local time loop. But as Zular Aloor has shown in his seminal work “Advanced Theory of Time Spells,” you can… blah blah blah
  • Viviana: Is she always like that?
  • Alissa: She gets carried away sometimes.
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