The Letter Of Jael Bara 063

  • Lilith: This arrow of time must point to the left side, of course. Sorry.
  • Alissa: Lili, there are maybe five other people in the world who understand this stuff. None of them are here in this room.
  • Lilith: Oh…
  • Viviana: Is there a teacher at the Academy whom you trust unconditionally?
  • Alissa: Faye Galitas!
  • Lilith: Yes, Faye!
  • Viviana: The new headmaster? That makes everything a lot easier.
  • Alissa: Why, what’s your plan?
  • Viviana: I need to give the recording crystal to a person of authority who will make sure that Delvor doesn’t get away with his crimes again…
  • Viviana: … and who will read out this letter to the people of Cania at the market place.
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