The Letter Of Jael Bara 064

  • Korahan: Are you sure that Faye is at the Academy?
  • Ilias: No. But her assistant Entin may know where she is.
  • Korahan: See that guard over there? Pretend he’s a construction worker while walking past him.
  • Ilias: Wait a second, I know a shortcut.
  • Korahan: I don’t like having to trust someone I’ve never met in my life.
  • Ilias: Sometimes you have to.
  • Entin: Faye, there are two unknown young men at the gate who want to talk to you. Supposedly, it’s urgent.
  • Faye Galitas: Are they armed?
  • Entin: Doesn’t look like it.
  • Faye Galitas: Who are you? What do you want?
  • Ilias: Faye, do you remember how you said to Sandril that you’d never accept wrong becoming right in Cania?
  • Faye Galitas: Ilias?!
  • Korahan: I’ve heard you’re not a big fan of Delvor either.
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