The Letter Of Jael Bara 066

On Sunday, 6 June 2014, I posted the submissions between place 13 and 25 of the Sandra and Woo and Gaia fanart contest 2014. Go check them out!

On Thursday, 3 June 2014, I posted the first batch of submissions for the Sandra and Woo and Gaia fanart contest 2014. Go check them out!

  • Faye Galitas: To the people of Cania from Ileasaar’s independence movement!
  • Faye Galitas: We, the people of Ileasaar, are no longer willing to accept Cania’s foreign rule over Ileasaar. Nobody who didn’t see the light of day in the shadow of the Great Tree of Greendew has the right to rule over the Old Kingdom.
  • Faye Galitas: All too many of our brothers and sisters have fallen in battle against the Canian invaders. And yet we’re willing to forgive the people of Cania, because you were deceived as well. Deceived by the lies of Delvor Garrot.
  • Faye Galitas: He was not only the initiator of the conspiracy to murder Ileasaar’s royal family. His henchmen were also responsible for the murder of the reporters Garret and Eileen Bara, who came into possession of the recording crystal you’ve just seen.
  • Faye Galitas: But Delvor wasn’t able to get ahold of the recording crystal. For one decade it remained in the possession of the Shadowdancers, who, despite all efforts, were not able to break the magic lock of the casket that contained it.
  • Faye Galitas: But today, one wizard was finally able to open the casket, Lilith Caillean from Oakdale!
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