The Letter Of Jael Bara 072

  • King Olrik I: How can the Ileasaari still mourn their inept king? Tandras couldn’t even pay for Golnar’s grain deliveries at the end of his reign.
  • General: He was an honest man, though.
  • King Olrik I: Pah! Honesty is nothing but a hindrance when negotiating with Golnar’s sly merchants.
  • King Olrik I: If Cania hadn’t conquered Ileasaar, Midgard would have! Does Salacea seriously believe Midgard would have spent even half the money we poured into Ileasaar’s rotting roads?
  • King Olrik I: Ingrates!
  • General: Jael surely won’t repeat Tandras’ mistakes.
  • King Olrik I: That’s what I fear.
  • King Olrik I: If Ileasaar thrives under Jael’s rule, Cheysh-Askaroth will demand its independence as well. Soon, Cania will be nothing more than a small duchy around Aracona. Just as a hundred years past.
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