The Letter Of Jael Bara 073

  • King Olrik I: Ileasaar’s independence must be subject to strict conditions!
  • Eldor Olenvis: Are you sure that Jael Bara is to be trusted?
  • King Olrik I: What do you mean?
  • Eldor Olenvis: Well, it’s been proven that Ileasaarian rebels had contact with the assassins.
  • King Olrik I: I don’t want to accuse the witness from Heyselfall of lying. Yet I find it hard to believe that the conspirators acted in accordance with Salacea’s group.
  • Eldor Olenvis: We shouldn’t underestimate the rebels’ hatred for Cania.
  • King Olrik I: Certainly not. But what’s the alternative?
  • Eldor Olenvis: Let’s not judge Jael by her words, but by her deeds! The Shadowdancers promised to return the stolen goods the day after tomorrow. After that we’ll know more.
  • King Olrik I: Very true.
  • General: Excellent advice!
  • General: Do you think I’ll get my wife’s necklace back?
  • Eldor Olenvis: As Gaia wills.
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