The Letter Of Jael Bara 074

  • Caption: The next morning.
  • Ilias: There are rumors that the king has offered negotiations to Salacea.
  • Sandril: That’s a good sign, right?
  • Ilias: Probably.
  • Ilias: The prison director is still in intensive care. But Faye said he’s feeling better again.
  • Lilith: That’s nice to hear…
  • Sandril: It wasn’t your fault that he lost his hand.
  • Lilith: In a way, it was.
  • Viviana: The portal to Milo’s house in Silverleaf will be operational in about an hour. So prepare yourselves.
  • Ryn: I don’t think it’s a bright idea to flee to Ileasaar as long as it’s still under Cania’s rule.
  • Viviana: Where do you want to go, then? You can’t show your face in Aracona for the time being.
  • Ryn: I was thinking of Santhilia.
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