The Letter Of Jael Bara 076

  • Alissa: Lili, look what I have heeere!
  • Lilith: My staff!
  • Viviana: Wasn’t it seized by the city guard?
  • Alissa: Yes, but since it belongs to my family, they had to return it. When I was 16, I convinced my father to let Lili borrow it.
  • Viviana: This is a beautiful staff. What does it do?
  • Lilith: Well, it makes it easier to focus your spells.
  • Viviana: But all staffs do that…
  • Lilith: Yes, but only up to a certain limit.
  • Lilith: With this staff, I can direct an amorphous contact spell through a keyhole fifty meters away. With any other, I’d just hit the door. There also seems to be no limit regarding the power of the spell.
  • Viviana: Neat.
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