The Letter Of Jael Bara 077

The Letter Of Jael Bara 077

There’s a new poll in the voting widget in the right sidebar. This time it’s a super tough question. 😉

  • Lilith or Viviana, whom would you rather marry? “Both” is not an option!

Lilith’s lyrics are based on Fool’s Garden’s song Autumn, one of my ten most favorite songs.

  • Viviana: Allegedly, Milo has prepared a little party in our honor.
  • Lilith: Well, I’m intrigued.
  • Viviana: There are a couple of questions I’d like to ask you. But that has to wait. First I have to talk to Colette about our trip to Greendew.
  • Lilith: These flare crystals…?
  • Viviana: Yes?
  • Lilith: Can I have two of them?
  • Viviana: Help yourself. We have a whole bag of them.
  • Lilith: We can remember, can forget
    We can achieve the highest aims
    But we can’t change the rules we’re depending on
  • Caption: Half an hour later.
  • Edwyn: Come in.
  • Lilith: Teglen, Edwyn?
  • Teglen: Lilith? What’s up?
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