The Letter Of Jael Bara 078

The firework was created using brushes created by NoOrdinaryLove and redheadstock.

I posted this page later than usual because I spent an additional hour to optimize the blending of the firework effect. It paid off.

  • Lilith: Thank you for risking your life for me.
  • Lilith: Thank you.
  • Lilith: I made you a little gift, a play of lights. I know it’s not much, but the city guard seized all my possessions.
  • Edwyn: Sweet! I’d love to see it in action!
  • Lilith: You can turn it on and off here.
  • Edwyn: Ooh.
  • Teglen: Aah!
  • Teglen: How long does it run?
  • Lilith: Forever. And the effects never repeat.
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