Breaking All Barriers 003

I want to inform you that this will be a very long chapter with well over 100 pages. So please don’t expect broken barriers of all sorts in ten pages already.

  • Viviana: That’s a lot of responsibility for someone who’s been in charge of thirty men for half a year.
  • Salacea Torval: Milo and I will stand by your side, of course.
  • Viviana: I’d prefer if you led the negotiations. You have much more experience than me.
  • Salacea Torval: The queen of the Old Kingdom may certainly not cop out of such a duty.
  • Viviana: I’m not queen yet. To begin with, the General Assembly has to elect me.
  • Salacea Torval: That’s just a formality now that even Jarvis has endorsed you.
  • Viviana: But what about you? Don’t you want to become queen? You know that I’d always support you.
  • Salacea Torval: The people would never understand if I, and not the woman who brought back the Avaril, were crowned queen.
  • Salacea Torval: No matter what you said, they’d always believe that I had taken what was rightfully yours.
  • Viviana: But that’s not true!
  • Salacea Torval: Viviana–
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