Breaking All Barriers 004

  • Salacea Torval: — Only a ruler who’s adored will be able to lead our people through the difficult time that will follow on Ileasaar’s independence.
  • Viviana: I am adored?
  • Salacea Torval: Tomorrow, the Greendew Evening Standard will publish a special edition. Then it won’t be long until the last mountain farmer in Thistleyard knows what you’ve done for the resistance!
  • Salacea Torval: Of course I made sure that you’ll be shown in the best light in the story.
  • Viviana: You sly fox, you.
  • Salacea Torval: Even though it was tempting to tell them about that time when you threw a dice box at Milo’s head.
  • Viviana: Ha ha. I was twelve. And he deserved it!
  • Viviana: I mustn’t disappoint the humans and dragons in our country! I’ll be a just and progressive queen to them!
  • Salacea Torval: That’s what I wanted to hear!
  • Salacea Torval: Anyhow, Milo and I would like to become ministers for exploration and foreign affairs.
  • Viviana: Anything you want.
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