Breaking All Barriers 006

  • Salacea Torval: May I ask for silence?
  • Salacea Torval: Jael Bara, with Jarvis Udile’s approval I present ye herewith the Avaril, the holy crystal of Ileasaar.
  • Ryn: Jarvis, the younger brother of King Tandras?
  • Ilias: Yes.
  • Salacea Torval: May ye prove a worthy wearer of Velar’s gift to Ilias’ tribe so that ye may be declared queen by the General Assembly ere long.
  • Ryn: But if Jarvis is still alive…
  • Ilias: Quiet!
  • Salacea Torval: Jael, do ye swear to protect the Great Tree at the peril of your life and to be to all creatures from Aerius to Heyselfall a just ruler?
  • Viviana: Yes, I swear.
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