Breaking All Barriers 010

  • Lilith: Thank you, Viviana! I never expected that.
  • Viviana: Good friends call me Vivi.
  • Lilith: And me Lili.
  • Viviana: Haha. Vivi and Lili, Cania’s most wanted!
  • Viviana: I just hope Sandril doesn’t mind settling down in Greendew.
  • Lilith: I don’t believe he’s particularly attached to Aracona anymore after all that happened.
  • Viviana: I have big plans for Ileasaar. I want to create a new municipal park in Greendew and found an academy for magic in Heyselfall.
  • Viviana: And I want to introduce a program to discover all children with special talents.
  • Lilith: Interesting.
  • Viviana: That is, as long as we can afford all of that… as long as we can afford any of that.
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