Breaking All Barriers 015

  • Salacea Torval: That’s San de Vertis, the new high priestess of Golnar. She’s said to be the most powerful wizard on Gaia although she’s only 19 years old.
  • Viviana: Very interesting.
  • Viviana: How come I’ve never heard of her before?
  • Salacea Torval: The temple hid her from the public eye. She made her first public appearance just a few weeks ago.
  • Viviana: Why did the temple hide her?
  • Salacea Torval: No idea.
  • Viviana: She might know something about the Shadowkeep or the Tower in the Sky that we don’t.
  • Lilith: If she really is such a powerful wizard, that might be true.
  • Viviana: I’ll invite her to Greendew immediately after my official coronation.
  • Ilias: What if she has sinister intentions?
  • Viviana: I didn’t get that impression, but… you never know.
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